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When I first saw the SYLVANIA’s video (click “read more” below) showing how you can use their new MOSAIC Flexible LED Light, my response was, “Ok, that is SO COOL!” I couldn’t wait to try it, so SYLVANIA sent me a MOSAIC kit to review.

It took me a while to choose where I would place these amazing little remote-controlled light strips. I tried the MOSAIC on top of my armoire, inside my china cabinet, under my bed. I really wanted to put it behind the outside edge of my magnet board (how awesome would that be?!), but it would take 2-1/2 sets to reach the 20 feet total that I would need.

In the end, I settled on placing the light strips over my kitchen cabinets. And I didn’t have to adhere them to the surface. They just lay across the back of my cupboards, making it easy to take the MOSAIC with me when I move.

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Chandelier - after

Chandelier - before

My heartfelt apologies to everyone who has been waiting since last summer’s blog post for me to share this chandelier tutorial! A few detours and roadblocks delayed my ability to pass on this information.

First there was girls camp, and then I got a new job, and then I moved. I’m still waiting for Troy to help me hang the chandelier in my bedroom. Yes! I’m moving it from the dining room to the bedroom. Meanwhile, the chandelier sits on the floor in the corner. I gave up waiting for my brother and slung it over the bar in my closet to take some photos.

And then the hooks I used were so old that I could not remember where I purchased them. I searched Michael’s, Jo-Ann Crafting Supplies, and every online bead store that I knew of and came up empty. Nobody seems to sell the exact hook-and-eye that I used. I finally found some that are close enough at Fire Mountain Gems, to which I linked in the supplies list. I sincerely hope they work for you.

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