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School has left me no time for crafting again this week, so…I’m posting my homework. I made this Halloween e-card for my beginning Flash class. Turn up the volume, then click the hand to make it play. Can you guess what movie Lord Morley is from?

The tune is by Rodney Sauer, and the thunder is by Dylan Hicks. Though I drew everything by hand, much is inspired by 1920’s silent movies and the art of Shane Illustration and Blackmoon9, among others. (Hey, we’re graded on technical criteria, not originality.) Enjoy!

Drilled pumpkins

I’ve been dying to try drilling pumpkins for two years, and I finally did it. It’s fun, but after drilling three pumpkins, my hand got tired from holding the drill. But it was worth it. Those daisies are sitting in a jar full of water inside the pumpkin. How, then, did I light the pumpkin, you ask? Glow sticks. Lots of them. Click here for last year’s pumpkin carving ideas. BTW: These would also make a great holiday centerpiece. Read more »