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Crafty Nest never has and never will accept any editorial content (other than described below) for free or paid or trade. Please respect this policy and do not email me about this. You will not get a response, and your email will be flagged as spam.

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Crafty Nest accepts unpublished crafting tutorials submitted by fellow crafters. Click here for examples. If you would like to submit your instructions and photos, please email monica (at) craftynest (dot) com for consideration. No other types of editorial submissions will be considered. No exceptions.

Reader Gallery

Have you made something inspired by a Crafty Nest post? Email your photo(s) to monica (at) craftynest (dot) com, and I’ll share it on the post that inspired it! Some examples are here and here.

General Inquiries

For crafting tips or advice, you will get a faster reply — from me or your fellow readers — if you post your query as a comment on a related article or write on Crafty Nest’s Facebook page instead of emailing me directly. I am only one person who also has a full-time job, so I’m unable to reply to all inquiries. But I do my best to reply to as many requests as I can in a timely manner. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Crafty Nest is Undergoing Reconstruction

Why are many posts missing? Where are my comments? You might find yourself asking these questions as you explore this blog. The fact is that my old site broke beyond repair. I’m working as fast as I can to manually rebuild Crafty Nest post by post. I’ll eventually copy over all your comments too. Please be patient with me as I tackle this massive undertaking. Thank you for visiting!