DIY nightstand pads

You don’t see it, do you? Well, that’s kind of the point. The foam pad is white to match our white Ikea nightstands. Why, you ask? Let me give you the background.

I have a metal bottle of water on my nightstand every night so I can take a sip of water […]

2021-03-12T13:47:10-08:00March 10, 2021|

Simple shower caddy hack

My only bathroom is almost a hundred years old. The shower/tub combo is outfitted with square tiles, a unique sun mosiac, and antique, corroded fixtures (none of which are my taste, but remodeling the only bathroom in the house during the Covid shutdown is out of the question).

To […]

2021-03-07T20:51:27-08:00February 28, 2021|

Paint colors & tips from the pros + a giveaway

Remember last year when I mentioned that I would share my brother Troy’s painting tips? Well, now is as good a time as any to follow through — especially because Sherwin-Williams has proclaimed this National Painting Week.

All this week Sherwin-Williams is offering […]

2021-02-10T21:37:18-08:00April 19, 2012|

Home decor & lighting tips

My Sylvania room makeover taught me a few things about the difficulties of turning one small room into a multi-functional space that serves as a craft room, an office, and a guest room. I wanted to share what I learned with you. Here are my top five small-space […]

2021-03-22T22:04:48-07:00April 12, 2011|

Drywall T-squares aren’t just for drywall

This tip was one of those aha! inspirations for me. Ever need a straight edge to measure and cut a large piece of fabric, cardboard, or paper? Forget cheap yardsticks (you’ll only slice slivers of wood off when cutting) or expensive T-squares (that for some reason are never really square) or […]

2020-09-02T10:23:28-07:00March 12, 2011|

Plastic wardrobe = spray-painting tent

Check out my new spray-painting “tent.” I don’t have a garage, and I don’t like to spray paint inside my apartment. Spray painting outside is also problematic because of the lovely ocean breezes. Then I found a plastic wardrobe discarded on the side of the road. It […]

2020-10-06T08:36:57-07:00November 15, 2010|

Decorating idea: grouping like objects

Sometimes the easiest decorating project can be gathering scattered items around your house that are similar and grouping them together to create a focal point. In this sparkly vignette, I mixed my mom’s antique oval mirror with a couple of large mirrors I found on Craigslist. For […]

2021-01-31T06:13:36-08:00December 10, 2008|

First-aid tape = quick DIY hem repair

I just had to share this: If you need to make a last-minute mend of a fallen hem or a temporary patch of a tear, reach for your first-aid kit. 3M Micropore first-aid tape works remarkably well in wardrobe mending emergencies. It even held through multiple washings […]

2021-01-31T06:14:24-08:00November 5, 2008|
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