Simple shower caddy hack

Shower caddy held on with a hose clamp, photo

My only bathroom is almost a hundred years old. The shower/tub combo is outfitted with square tiles, a unique sun mosiac, and antique, corroded fixtures (none of which are my taste, but remodeling the only bathroom in the house during the Covid shutdown is out of the question).

To add needed storage, I hung a shower caddy on the shower-head pipe. Unfortunately, the downward slope of the pipe caused the caddy to slide down and crash into me when I was showering. So annoying! The plastic piece that came with the caddy did nothing to prevent that.

Then one day in the shower — how appropriate, right? — I though of a solution. But I had to call my dad first.

Me: “You know those metal rings that you can tighten around tubes or pipes? What are those called? And where do I get one?”
Dad: “You mean hose clamps? You get them at auto parts shops or hardware stores.”
Me: “Yes! Thank you.”
Dad: “That’s why I’m the dad.” (He always said that.)

Shower caddy hanging on shower head pipe, photo

So I went to my local auto parts store and bought a pack of 3/8-to-7/8-inch-size hose clamps for a few dollars. I cinched one of them around the shower-head pipe with a screwdriver, making sure to position the connector at the top. Then I hung the caddy on the pipe just behind it. Worked like a charm!

Box of four hose clamps, photo

That was more than five years ago. The shower caddy has never slid off since, and there’s not a hint of rust on the hose clamp. Granted, a hose clamp is not the prettiest thing to have in your shower, but who really notices the shower-head pipe anyway?

Does your shower caddy slide down too? You’re welcome.

Crafty Nest shower caddy hack Pinterest image

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