DIY tank top headband

Tank top headband - before

Remember my tank top totes from a few weeks ago? Well, I just had to share this tip. The piece I cut off the bottom of the one of the tank tops made a perfect—and super comfortable—headband. My friend Rhean did a beautiful job modeling it for me. So, save your scraps. Mine is about four inches wide, but nearly any width works. Skinnier = headband; wider = head wrap. They’re ideal for pulling your hair back to wash your face or apply make-up too.

How to make a no-sew tank top headband

Supplies and tools

  • tank top (preferably a stretchy one)
  • rotary cutter
  • self-healing mat
  • metal ruler
  • scissors

Cut excess fabric off

1. If you made a gathered tank top tote bag, use the scrap piece you cut off the bottom. If you didn’t make a tote bag, and you just want to repurpose an old tank top, cut 4-inch (or other desired width) strips across the body of the tank.

Cut a straight edge with a rotary cutter

2. Your original cut may be a bit jagged like mine, so measure and cut a smooth, straight line with a rotary cutter.

Twist the headband

3. Then just twist into a figure 8 at the seams and double it over like a rubber band (to wrap your head twice). Smooth the top part out and wrap it around your head, placing the crossed-over seams at the base of your neck.