When I first saw the SYLVANIA’s video (click “read more” below) showing how you can use their new MOSAIC Flexible LED Light, my response was, “Ok, that is SO COOL!” I couldn’t wait to try it, so SYLVANIA sent me a MOSAIC kit to review.

It took me a while to choose where I would place these amazing little remote-controlled light strips. I tried the MOSAIC on top of my armoire, inside my china cabinet, under my bed. I really wanted to put it behind the outside edge of my magnet board (how awesome would that be?!), but it would take 2-1/2 sets to reach the 20 feet total that I would need.

In the end, I settled on placing the light strips over my kitchen cabinets. And I didn’t have to adhere them to the surface. They just lay across the back of my cupboards, making it easy to take the MOSAIC with me when I move.

Watch the video and read the review after the jump!

The pros

MOSAIC Flexible Light kit

The SYLVANIA MOSAIC Flexible Light is a customizable LED light strip that can cast an array of hues. Each kit comes with four 2-foot long strips, extendable up to 10 strips, which are all controlled by the same remote. With adhesive backing and connectors included in each kit, it can adhere to any clean surface and make sharp turns around corners.

You can choose from 15 colors plus white that can be programmed for flash, strobe, fade, and smooth color transitions. For more traditional lighting, set it to white, and it can act as a dramatic backlight to shelving or entertainment centers. Change the color based on the season, holiday, or your mood. And they’re completely dimmable.

LED light strips

The lights remain cool to the touch, so you can safely put them almost anywhere (I doubt they’re submersible). You can cut the strips to size at clearly indicated sections marked with scissor icon.

The MOSAIC is also energy efficient and long-lasting. All four strips only use 24 watts, and the fixture has a rated life of 30,000 hours.

The cons

There are a few drawbacks that I’m hoping SYLVANIA will rectify soon.

First, they only offer 8-foot kits, which are extendable to 20 feet, but they don’t sell extra strips separately. So if you want to extend it to 20 feet, you have to buy three 8-foot kits, costing you $150 total—plus you’ll have extraneous light strips, power cords, and remotes.

Three-inch MOSAIC LED connectors

Second, the 3-inch-long connectors only allow you to curve your strips around corners. What if you want a bigger span between the strips? For instance, I wanted to place the strips beneath the right and left kitchen cabinets, but not under the hood, and I wanted to accomplish this with only one plug/remote. If SYLVANIA offered longer connectors, I could do that. Longer connectors would also be handy to use between shelves inside a curio cabinet.

Third, the MOSAIC is plug-in only, which is great if the area of your home that you want to light up is near an outlet. Because LEDs are so energy efficient, it seems probable that they could run off a rechargeable battery. I’m hoping SYLVANIA will offer that option as well.

The verdict

SYLVANIA MOSAIC Flexible LED Light - blue

If you couldn’t tell already, I think SYLVANIA’s MOSAIC Flexible Light is fabulous. The drawbacks I mentioned involve extending the possibilities, not any failure of the actual product, so I definitely recommend the MOSAIC. It’s fun, customizable, and well worth the price tag. And it’s great for kids’ rooms. My nieces and nephews love it.

SYLVANIA’s MOSAIC Flexible Light is available for $49.98 at

The giveaway


SYLVANIA has graciously agreed to give away a MOSAIC Flexible Light kit to one lucky Crafty Nest reader. To enter, leave a comment here telling us where you plan to use your MOSAIC. The deadline is Friday, August 17, 2012. One commenter will be chosen at random. Good luck!