My first ever DIY blog posts appeared in Sunset magazine’s now defunct blog, Because Sunset is no longer hosting these projects, I’m making revised and updated versions available here at Crafty Nest. This post comprises Make a ribbon wreath, originally published October 2007.

Valentine ribbon wreath

I originally made this as a Christmas wreath, but now that I see it again, it looks more like a Valentine’s Day wreath. So I’m posting it now instead of waiting for Christmas. It requires few supplies and is easy to make as long as you can tie a bow.

How to make a Valentine ribbon wreath

Supplies and tools

  • 12-inch metal wreath ring
  • 24 yards of 1½-inch wired ribbon (8 yards of each pattern)
  • scissors
  • Command adhesive hook

Bow how-to

1. Tie bows—36 of them to be exact. If you don’t know how to tie a good bow, you’ll be a pro at it by the time you’re done. It took me about an hour and a half to tie all 36 bows. Tie each bow before cutting the ribbon. That way, you can cut the tail to exactly the right length.

Tip: Use one, three, or more different ribbons. Two ribbons looks a bit stripey, as you can see in this how-to picture.

2. After evenly spacing the bows, shape each loop into a circle and pull them to the front. Trim any over-long tails and loose threads.

3. Hang the wreath using a Command adhesive hook and arrange one of the bows to cover the hook.