Camp craft: DIY subway tile nameplates

Name plates made from subway tiles, photo

All you scrapbook fanatics are going to love these. The girls at camp took this idea and ran with it. I wish I had photos of all their great plaques. These subway tile nameplates to stick on your bedroom door were inspired by a reader, Josie, who asked me for suggestions for what to do with some leftover white tiles that were given to her. I thought of the ceramic nameplate (below) that I’ve had since I was a child, and decided white subway tiles would make excellent nameplates. We decoupaged scrapbook paper and added stickers, rhinestones, ribbon, etc., but you can use whatever artist’s medium your heart desires. Paint? Glitter? Knock yourself out. (This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a small commission. You can read my full disclosure here.)

Girls at camp making subway tile name plates, photo
My vintage door name plate, photo

How to make a subway tile name plate

Supplies to make a subway tile name plate, photo
Decorating a subway tile, photo

1. Choose your design using cut paper, stickers, etc. I bought white alphabet stickers and colored the letters I needed with a Sharpie marker.

Lay out letters on wax paper, photo

Tip: Lay out your alphabet stickers on wax paper first so you can visualize your design (and ensure that your name will fit on the tile).

Decorating a subway tile, photo

2. Protect your surface with wax paper. If you just want to decorate the front and not the sides, apply glue to the front of the tile. Adhere your background piece, smoothing out bubbles immediately. Then paint glue onto the back of the smaller pieces of paper and stick them onto the tile. Let dry about 30 minutes.

Subway tile wrap, photo

If you want to wrap the paper around the edges of the tile, cut a piece of paper about 7×4 inches, place the tile in the center, then cut out a notch from each corner. Or print this template onto the back of your paper and cut/fold where labeled.

Glue edges of the wrap, photo

Glue the front of the tile first, adhere the paper, then apply glue to the sides. Tuck in the tabs and fold over the edges.

Glue on decorations, photo

3. Add stickers, etc. Apply top coat(s) of glue. Let dry about 10 minutes after each coat.

Glue ribbon around edges, photo

4. Sick on rhinestones or other decorations. Hot glue ribbon around the outside edge of the tile, if desired.

Adhere mounting squares, photo

5. Stick one foam mounting square at each corner on the back. Then peel off the backing, and stick it on your bedroom door.

Crafty Nest camp craft subway tile name plates Pinterest image

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Autumn's subway tile name plate, photo

Autumn Brown Shropshire made this adorable name plate and posted this photo on Facebook.