The hats of Victoria: DIY paper silhouettes

This is the third and final post in my Victoria magazine series. As I mentioned in my last post, hats were commonplace in Victoria magazine. In fact, every issue included at least one woman wearing a hat. Below are some of Victoria’s […]

2021-03-09T21:17:08-08:00May 20, 2010|

Victoria-inspired wish list

As promised, here is my wish list inspired by Victoria magazine. Vintage bicycles, feminine hats, and luxurious toiletries were mainstays of Victoria. You could always find classic fashion and luggage too.

The magazine also hosted a few artists- and authors-in-residence. I’ve included works by two of them: a book […]

2021-03-09T21:17:19-08:00May 13, 2010|

For the love of Victoria, grandmothers & eras

This post is a departure from my usual, but please bear with me. It’s dedicated to Mack Lundstrom, who taught me to write from the heart.

In a recent attempt at simplicity and minimalism, I’ve been cleaning out extraneous belongings that have cluttered up my apartment — and thus my life. But […]

2021-03-09T21:17:14-08:00April 30, 2010|
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