Framed doilies - after

Framed doilies - before

My great-grandmother lived to be 93. And she loved to crochet. She made me dozens of doilies, collars, and hankies over the years. The doilies are so beautiful that I hated to see them packed away in a box in my closet. But I wasn’t about to scatter them over my furniture either. I decided to frame some, but the trick was finding square frames. I found these four mismatched frames at a thrift store that were the perfect sizes. A little paint, and voilà—a matching set.

How to frame doilies with thrift store frames


  • primer
  • paint
  • colored acid-free paper (I used one large green sheet from Michael’s)
  • doilies


  • paint brush
  • drop cloth
  • scissors or paper cutter

1. Remove artwork and glass from frame. Trace glass onto colored paper and cut out.

2. Place frame on drop cloth. Paint one coat of primer, let dry. Then paint two coats of paint, letting them dry for at least an hour in between. Let dry overnight.

3. Clean glass and insert into frame. Center doily in frame, place colored paper behind it, and close frame with its original cardboard backing.


How to hang a collage of pictures the easy way

Supplies & tools

  • brown paper bags or newsprint
  • nails
  • tape
  • hammer

1. Trace each frame onto brown paper bags and cut out. Tape the brown paper cutouts to the wall where you want to hang your frames.

2. Measure from the top and side of the frame to determine the location of the hook. Do the same on the coordinating piece of paper, and mark where the nail should go.

3. Hammer a nail into that spot, then pull the paper off the wall. Then hang your frame. You just save time and saved your walls from multiple holes!