Craft and tool station

This project is what Elizabeth would call “finding crap on the curb and making something fabulous.” I found this mint green railing (from a crib? shelves?) in a pile of debris. Add galvanized wall pocket planters (on clearance at Jo-Ann for $1.50 each), daisy hooks (thanks, Kristi), spice rack ($3.50 at a thrift store), paper/pen bin (thanks, Jim), dowels and wire for hooks (Freecycle), and I’ve got a cheap craft organizing solution. A power strip and a salvaged bench vice (thanks, dad) attached to the rolling toolbox make it complete. Can’t wait to use it!

How to make a craft and tool station


  • salvaged railing (from an old crib, porch railing, etc.)
  • wood screws
  • 16- or 18-gauge wire (or a wire coat hanger)
  • 3/8-inch dowels
  • power strip
  • nuts, washers, and bolts
  • primer
  • paint
  • scrap 1×4 piece of wood
  • newspaper or drop cloth
  • drywall anchors or molly bolts (optional)


  • pliers
  • wire cutters
  • drill and drill bits
  • screwdriver
  • sanding block and sandpaper
  • miter box and pull saw
  • small sponge paint brush
  • stud sensor (optional)

Making hooks from wire

1. If you can’t find hooks that will work with your railing, get some wire and make some yourself. Use pliers to bend into shape, then cut with wire cutters. I made 18 hooks.

Cut wood scraps for dowel holders

2. Cut your scrap piece of wood into four 2- x 3-inch pieces, then drill a 7/16-inch hole at one end of each piece. These will hold the dowels.

Paint the dowel holders

3. Prime (one coat) and paint (two coats) the dowel holders.

Attach dowel holders

4. Attach the dowel holders to the railing with wood screws. Drill two holes in the dowel holders, then drill matching holes in the railing.

Drill holes and counter-sink

5. Counter-sink the holes with a larger drill bit, then screw in 1-3/4-inch wood screws.

Hang the railing on the wall

6. Attach the railing to the wall at the top and bottom with four long screws. Find a stud to hang them from or use molly bolts.

Arrange bins and hooks

7. Cut your dowels so they stick out at least a half inch beyond the dowel holders. Slide ribbon and paper onto the dowels, then insert into the holders. Hang all your bins/pegs/etc. on the rack using the hooks you made. Fill with craft supplies.

Mounted power strip

8. Mount a power strip to the side of your workstation. Use screws or nails. Make a pencil-rubbing template of the back of the power strip on scrap paper first to determine where to place the nails/screws.

Bolt on the bench vice

9. Attach the bench vice to the front left corner (if you’re right-handed) of your work surface using bolts, washers, and nuts.