DIY mini accordion books

Handmade accordion book expanded, photo

My first guest nesters! Jessie and Dee Lorimer gave me the instructions to make these adorable accordion-style books. They’re a little more complicated than my bound books, but they don’t require any specialized tools or supplies. They’re well worth the effort. Besides, I made a video to show you how to make the complicated folds, so you’ve got this.

Handmade accordion book closed, photo

How to make a mini accordion book

  • 12- by 12-inch decorative sheet of paper (or fabric, wallpaper, etc.)

  • cereal box or chipboard

  • glue stick

  • ribbon

  • 5 sheets of colored paper

  • scissors or paper cutter

  • ruler

Cutting paper into a square, photo

1. Fold each sheet of colored paper diagonally into a square. Cut off the excess and discard.

Folded squares of paper, photo

2. Fold each sheet again diagonally, then fold side to side into four squares.

Corners of papers glued together, photo

3. Glue the top left square of one sheet to the bottom right square of another sheet. Repeat.

Papers folded accordion style, photo

4. Fold accordion style. It’s impossible to explain this, so I hope this video helps…

Decorative paper folded over chipboard, photo

5. Using a square as a measurement (4 ¼ inches), cut two pieces of cardboard from the cereal box that are ½ inch larger (4 ¾ inches). These will be the covers.

6. Cut two pieces of decorative paper about ¾ inch larger than the cardboard all the way around. Glue the cardboard to the center back of the decorative paper. Then fold and glue each corner.

Edges of decorative paper glued down, photo

7. Then fold and glue the sides down.

Glue ribbon onto book cover, photo

8. Cut a piece of ribbon about 26 inches long. Glue the center to the inside of one of the covers. Glue 4 ¼ inch pieces of scrap paper over to secure (shown) or 4 ¾ inch pieces of decorative paper (recommended).

Glue pages onto inside of front cover, photo

9. Glue the colored pages to the cardboard by placing the wrong side of the cardboard under the outermost squares.

Glue decorative paper to inside of front cover, photo

10. Cut two pieces of decorative paper the same size as a square (4 ¼ inches). Glue these onto the outermost corners for a clean finish.

Glue content pages onto each square, photo

11. Glue your pictures, text, or scrap to each square (front and back).

Refolding the book, photo

12. Refold accordion style.

The accordion book tied closed, photo

13. Tie closed with the ribbon.

Crafty Nest mini accordion book Pinterest photo

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Liz Chesworth's open accordion book, photo
Liz Chesworth's expanded accordion book, photo
Liz Chesworth's closed accordion book, photo

Liz Chesworth made this lovely little accordion photo book. She wrote, “Here’s my little book — a mini album for mum as a memento of her birthday celebration weekend with all the family!” Thank you for sharing, Liz!