Pants hangers + drawer pulls = quick DIY picture frames

Pictures hanging from pants hangers and drawer pulls, photo

Do you have drawer pulls, pants hangers, and photos (or your children’s artwork) lying around? With a few supplies, you can hang them on the wall in minutes — and easily swap them out when the fancy strikes. The best part is drawer pulls look like antique picture hangers — for a fraction of the cost. And the girls? Three of my adorable nieces.

Photo framed with a mat, hanging from a pants hanger, photo

How to make pants-hanger frames

  • clamp-on pants hangers

  • 8×10 mattes

  • decorative paper (optional)

  • thin cardboard or chipboard

  • double-sided tape

  • scissors

Supplies for hanging the picture, photo

1. Cut the cardboard the same size as your mattes. Using the cardboard as the backing, tape your decorative paper, photo, and matte to it.

Weight taped to the back to keep the hanger level, photo

2. Clamp the hanger onto the top of the matte. If it tends to lean to one side when hung, tape a washer or similar weight to the back on the side that hangs higher.

How to make picture hangers from drawer pulls

  • drawer pulls (I used a pair of vintage pulls from a salvage yard)

  • 1 ½ inch long hanger bolts (8/32 x 5/32 for most drawer pulls)

  • drill and drill bit

Replace srews with hanger bolts, photo

1. Remove the machine screw from the drawer pull and replace it with the hanger bolt. (One side of the hanger bolt is pointed and has deeper grooves, the other is blunt and has finer grooves.) Note: As cute as they are, this does not work on Anthropologie drawer pulls because their screws are not removable.

Close up of the hanger hanging on the knob, photo

2. Drill a hole in your wall where you want to hang it. Screw the drawer pull into the wall. Hang your art.

Crafty Nest pants hangers and drawer pulls Pinterest photo

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