137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 4: jewelry & accessories

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Part 4 of this seven-part list of inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas comprises jewelry and personal accessories. Tote bags, belts, scarves, wallets, bracelets, headbands … all the things we like to carry on us or with us. Few, if any, of these DIY projects require any special talent or skill. And you can make some of these DIY gifts from materials you already have, such as a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, some buttons, an old leather belt — even a washer from your garage. These are some of my favorites.

Originally published September 1, 2010. Updated November 19, 2020.

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Part 4: Jewelry & accessories

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56. Make a fabric flower pin

A fabric flower pin adds a touch of whimsy to a sweater, coat, backpack, tote bag, or just about anything.
Fabric flower tutorials
Flower with button (the brown and white one)
Wired ribbon flower pin (the pink one)
Felt dahlia corsage (the red one)
No-sew felt flower pin
Melted fabric flowers (the ivory one)

58. Make a wallet

You can make a wallet out of duct tape, leather, fabric, or mailing envelopes — nearly any material you want.
Simple Velcro wallet
Duct tape wallet
Tyvek mailing envelope wallet
Small card wallet sewing pattern
Zipper wallet
More wallet patterns

59. Keep them warm

Even if you don’t knit or crochet, you can still make a warm scarf or ear warmer.
Hand-printed fleece scarf
No-knit scarf from Martha Stewart
Easy fringe fleece scarf
Video: Arm-knit scarf
Fleece ear warmer headband
DIY no-sew flannel blanket scarf

62. Sew (or decorate) a tote bag

Here are some relatively easy tote-bag tutorials. Don’t sew? Buy a blank canvas tote bag and decorate it with fabric markers and stencils. Or dye it, spray paint it, glue on rhinestones, or iron on a design.
How to make a simple six-pocket bag
Tote bag made from an old pair of jeans
The 20-minute tote
Decorated canvas tote bags
Freezer paper & spray paint tote bags

63. Make button jewelry

Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made of buttons are a fun and easy alternative to traditional jewelry.
How to make an elastic repurposed button bracelet
Stretchy button bracelet
Button bracelet and necklace
Button cuff bracelet
Dangling antique button earrings
Video: Ribbon and button necklace

65. Make pendants out of washers

Pendant necklaces made from washers from the hardware store are surprisingly beautiful — and easy to make.
Washer necklace
More washer necklaces
Mod Podge washer necklaces with Enviro Tex
Stamped washer necklaces
Boho leather tassel necklace with hammered washer
Video: Two sided washer pendants

66. Make macrame earrings

I have to admit, I’m dying to make some macrame earrings, and they look super easy.
DIY macrame earrings
Hoop macrame earrings
Photo tutorial on Pinterest
DIY macrame feather earrings
Diamond-shaped macrame earrings

66. Make a ribbon bracelet or necklace

Ribbon jewelry ideas range from simple to complicated, but all can be stunning.
Rosette bib necklace
Anthropologie Power Of 3 knockoff necklace
DIY ladder yarn necklace
Pandora ribbon bracelet
Easy ribbon necklace
Wired ribbon bracelet cuffs

67. Sew a scarf

Sew — or don’t sew — a fashionable scarf out of fabric, lace, or a T-shirt.
Infinity scarf from Martha Stewart
Gathered pom-pom T-shirt scarf
DIY fringe T-shirt scarf
Upcycled T-shirt scarf
Shirred scarf
Lace scarf

68. Make yo yos

Sew yo-yo headbands, brooches, or hairpins. Or decorate a tote bag, purse, hat, belt, scarf, or shoes with yo-yos. Or make a necklace, bracelet, or ring out of them.
Anthropologie knockoff bobby pins
Make a fabric yo-yo bracelet
More yo-yo projects
Yo-yo necklace tutorial
Yo-yo headbands & pins tutorial

69. Make a keychain

Make a keychain fob out of fabric scraps, leather, macrame, beads, etc. Make one that can also old something small, such as lip balm, or turn one into a bracelet.
Fabric scrap keychains
How to make a Chapstick holder keychain
DIY leather Hermes knock-off key ring
Make your own macramé keychain
Bangle keychain bracelets

70. Make a utility cord bracelet

Utility cord (paracord) bracelets come in all different styles, work for men and women, and most are easy to make.
Utility cord bangle
Paracord bracelet
Conquistador paracord bracelet
17 paracord bracelet patterns with instructions

71. Make jewelry out of silverware

Turn old, mismatched spoons, forks, and knives from the thrift store into beautiful jewelry.
Spoon ring tutorial
Video: How to cut flatware for crafts and jewelry
DIY silverware jewelry
Vintage spoon pendants

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