Boutique hotel decor inspiration

Hotel Monaco lobby, photo

In case you haven’t noticed, my day job has been eating up my blogging time for the last year and a half. So, I thought I’d share a little of my day job with you.

Recently, I took a business trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, and I stayed in a lovely hotel, Hotel Monaco. Always on the lookout for great DIY and decorating ideas, I snapped a few pictures of the trendy decor with my mobile phone.

Hotel Monaco’s lobby (above) would be even better if you ditched the maroon color and the giant gold ball chandeliers.

White leather cocoon loveset, photo

This white leather cocoon loveseat was one of my favorite pieces — and it makes a statement right inside the front door of the hotel.

Fireplace and mirrors in Hotel Monaco lobby, photo

This design in the lobby reminds me of decorating walls with empty picture frames and and ceiling medallions, but on a grander scale. Notice that the starburst mirrors look like they’re one piece but actually aren’t. And I’m always a sucker for decorative moldings and big white fireplaces.

White chairs in Hotel Monaco lobby, photo

I like the shape of these white leather chairs with nailhead trim and rolled arms. And, as you know, I love white furniture.

Hallway ceiling in Hotel Monaco, photo

Sleek and shiny chandeliers in the hall. And I like the yellow walls with light blue soffits. (Sorry about the blurry picture.)

Bambara Restaurant & Bar, photo

My photo doesn’t do it justice, but one of my favorite details were the houndstooth booths in Bambara Restaurant & Bar (downstairs in the hotel). The restaurant is actually what inspired me to do this photo shoot. And, as I recall, the walls are painted silver.

Glass ball lamp in Hotel Monaco lobby, photo

Hmm, this lamp looks familiar. Oh, that’s because two smaller versions reside in my living room.

Credenza, mirror, phone, and lamps in hallway of Hotel Monaco, photo

This greets you when the elevator opens on your floor. The credenza, lamps, mirror, and phone aren’t that exciting by themselves, but together they shine, literally and figuratively. But the carpet is too loud for my taste.

Bed with tall tufted headboard at Hotel Monaco, photo

The best part: a fabulous giant tufted headboard. The blue wallpapered walls, white lamp, and nailhead nightstand work for me too.

Room in Hotel Monaco, photo

My photo doesn’t do it justice, but my favorite details of all were the oversized-houndstooth booths and silver painted walls in Bambara Restaurant & Bar (downstairs in the hotel.) The restaurant is actually what inspired me to do this photo shoot.

Velvet chair at Hotel Monaco, photo

This wing chair with zebra pillow are a DIY inspiration. The white swirl on blue velvet with nailheads is classy. (The are on the wall and bum print on the chair? Not so much.)

Desk in Hotel Monaco, photo

The desk and entertainment center are ho-hum to me, but I wanted you to see the dramatic draperies and coordinating white lamp.

This boutique hotel is nice, but it’s is nothing in comparison to the building below.

Salt Lake City Temple, photo

I snapped this image from a nearby rooftop restaurant. The Salt Lake City temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints always takes my breath away. And it’s even more gorgeous at night.

Crafty Nest boutique hotel decor inspiration Pinterest image

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