Painting my house

Sherwin-Williams paint-color samples, photo

To say that choosing paint colors was difficult for me would be an understatement. Each color looked completely different depending on lighting, which I found to be extremely frustrating — especially now that days are short and sunlight is limited.

Two months, 22 paint samples, and multiple splotchy walls later, I finally picked the colors I want on my walls.

Sherwin-Williams paint color swatches, photo

I decided to coordinate the paint palette throughout my house instead of picking random, mismatched colors. My palette consists of warm creamy yellows with cool blues. (And I just noticed that they coordinate rather well with my blog colors too. Interesting.)

I’m drawn to navy blue lately, so I’m going with one bold Naval wall in my living room. I couldn’t find the right cream to match the other walls, so I custom mixed my own paint. I named it Creamsicle. It’s basically a slightly richer hue of Sherwin-Williams’s Steamed Milk.

The kitchen and breakfast nook are going to be Mountain Air, and the laundry room will be two shades darker (Languid Blue) to coordinate with the nearby kitchen. Cottage Cream matches the existing color in the bedroom, which is more yellow than it looks online. And finally, the bathroom is going to change from mint green to Humble Gold because it’s easier to re-paint than re-tile.

Now I have a lot of painting to do.

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