DIY carpet-sample craft: checkers game

This checkerboard is made from two free carpet samples. I’m excited that my DIY checkerboard rug idea actually worked. I was a little trepidatious about cutting carpet. I thought it would be difficult and require special tools. I was wrong on both counts. Cutting the carpets was the […]

2021-01-31T01:55:48-08:00April 8, 2013|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 7: media, service, cards & wrapping

This is the final part of my list of 137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas, and we’re down to these categories: media, service, cards, and wrapping. Media, as in photos, books, music, or other means of communication. Service, as in giving experiences or assistance. I included cards and wrapping because oftentimes […]

2021-03-09T03:01:46-08:00September 8, 2010|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 6: for children

You thought I forgot about the kiddos, didn’t you? Well today’s inexpensive, handmade Christmas gift ideas are all about the young and the young-at-heart. The list includes everything from handmade play dough to cardboard games to an indoor fort-building kit. My personal favorite is the coloring/activity book using free printables. All […]

2021-02-21T06:41:22-08:00September 6, 2010|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 5: themed gift sets

Personally selected gift sets are a great way to give a meaningful present without spending hours crafting. And they’re especially handy when the container is part of the gift. You’ll probably find ample baskets to choose from at your local thrift store. The traditional gift basket is a solid choice, but […]

2021-02-21T07:03:37-08:00September 3, 2010|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 4: jewelry & accessories

Part 4 of this seven-part list of inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas comprises jewelry and personal accessories. Tote bags, belts, scarves, wallets, bracelets, headbands … all the things we like to carry on us or with us. Few, if any, of these DIY projects require any special talent or skill. And […]

2021-01-06T06:21:45-08:00September 1, 2010|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 3: from the kitchen

Anyone who knows me, knows cooking is not my specialty. That’s why I’m not one of those bloggers who takes a picture of whatever masterpiece she made for dinner and shares the recipe. I can, however, bake quite well. Maybe it’s because I’m good at following the directions in a recipe. […]

2021-01-06T06:21:56-08:00August 30, 2010|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 2: Christmas-themed

Handmade Christmas-themed gifts often double as decorations, so you might want to give these gifts early so they can be properly enjoyed during the holiday season. Or maybe the gift is making some of these together with family or friends. Either way, these crafts get in you in the holiday spirit, […]

2021-01-06T06:22:04-08:00August 27, 2010|

137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas. Part 1: home & garden

Why Christmas when we’re in the throes of summer? I know. I worked six years in retail. In my experience, nothing incited more groans than Christmas being stocked on the shelves in August. However, I think this a worthy exception. After all, if you’re going to have a handmade Christmas, you […]

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