Black ornate mirror - after

Ornate mirror - before

Ikea Ung Drill Frame

Inspired by Ikea's plastic "Ung Drill" picture frame

Ever since I saw it hanging on Vanessa’s wall in a photo of her home, I adored Ikea’s plastic “Ung Drill” picture frame ($25), but the cost of replacing the glass with an oval mirror was prohibitively expensive. Then I found this carved wood mirror on Craigslist for a steal—$20. The existing finish was much too multicolored for me, though. You can’t tell in this picture, but the mirror was painted gold, then highlighted with magenta, splattered with black, smeared with a gray wash, and finally sprinkled with silver glitter. I kid you not. I think it turned out quite fabulous painted solid black—which was an easy fix. By the way, I scored that fabulous lattice bowl at a thrift store.

How to paint an ornate mirror

Supplies & tools

  • old toothbrush
  • vacuum
  • rag or paper towel
  • painter’s tape
  • newspaper
  • spray paint

1. Whenever refinishing an old, ornate piece, you should clean it well. I scrubbed it with a dry toothbrush, vacuumed the dust, then rubbed it down with a damp rag.

2. Apply painter’s tape right against the inside edge of the frame.

3. Then tape newspaper down on top of that to cover the mirror.

4. Take the mirror outdoors to spray paint. Lay down newspaper underneath it, covering the surrounding area to protect from over-spray. Follow the instructions on the can of paint. You’ll need to spray a few coats at all different angles to cover completely.