DIY thrift-store plate mirrors

Three artichoke plates with mirrors hanging above a dresser, photo
Happy Earth Day everyone! I found these artichoke plates at a thrift store while hunting for dishes with which to make How to make mirrors out of plates

Apply glue to mirror, photo

1. Apply a thin bead of glue to the outer edge of the back of the mirror.

Press mirror onto plate, photo

2. Place the mirror in the center of the plate. Press down. Let the glue set overnight. If you want the mirrors to be removable, try mounting putty instead (found at office supply stores).

Attach plate hanger, photo

3. Attach the plate hanger to the back of the plate.

Hang with 3M sawtooth picture hangers, photo

4. To hang them, you can use the included hook and nail, or use 3M sawtooth picture hangers like I did. I chose the 3M option because I didn’t want to put holes in the wall.

Three artichoke plates with mirrors, photo

5. Choose your arrangement, and hang them on the wall. Easy peasy.

Crafty Nest thrift store plate mirros Pinterest photo

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