Salvaged window frame = DIY mirror

Salvaged window frame mirror, photo

I saw this interior window frame at a salvage yard and coveted it for a few months before finally buying it. Instead of the opaque Plexiglass it came with, I inserted mirrors. I love mirrors because they can make a small space feel airy and bright. This one offers an added bonus: the illusion of an additional window. I planned to paint the frame, but decided that I like the natural, rustic look of it. Plus, it matches the wooden doors in my apartment. (This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a small commission. You can read my full disclosure here.)

Salvaged window and plexiglass panes, photo

How to make a mirror out of a salvaged window frame

  • salvaged window

  • ⅛-inch-thick mirrors
  • paper mailing tape

  • 4 washers

  • 4 small wood screws

  • 2 drywall screws
  • corrugated cardboard

  • drill and drill bit

  • tape measure

  • screwdriver

  • self-healing mat (optional)

  • stud finder (optional)

  • level (optional)

Plexiglass pane inserted in the window, photo

1. Choose one of the Plexiglass sheets, and make sure it fits in all nine openings.

Measuring the plexiglass, photo

2. Measure the piece of Plexiglass, and call glass stores for price quotes on mirrors the same size. Most glass stores in my area charge $10.50 per mirror, but I found one place that agreed to charge me $6.50 each. It pays to shop around — I saved about $40! You can usually pick them up 24 hours later.

Mirrors inserted in the frame, photo

3. Insert each mirror in an opening.

Stack of cut cardboard, photo

4. Using a utility knife, cut pieces of cardboard the same size as the mirrors. Protect your surface with spare sheets of cardboard or a self-healing mat. Depending on the thickness of your frame and the cardboard, you may need two pieces for each opening. My cardboard was thick, so I only used one piece each.

Cardboard pieces inserted in the frame, photo

5. Insert the cardboard piece(s) on top of the mirror in each opening.

Cardboard and mirrors taped in the frame, photo

6. Tape along all the edges of the cardboard with paper mailing tape.

Attaching the keyhole fasteners, photo

7. Drill pilot holes on the back, starting about one inch below the top of the frame. Screw on the keyhole fasteners. Make sure they’re facing the right way. I inserted washers under each fastener to give a little extra space underneath for the screw head to fit.

Felt pads, photo

8. Adhere one felt pad at each of the bottom corners.

Finished salvaged window frame mirror, photo

9. Measure the distance between the keyhole fasteners. Find the studs in your wall (by knocking or using a stud sensor), and drill drywall screws into the studs (or use a drywall anchor or molly bolt). Use a level and measure twice before drilling. Hang the mirror on the wall.

Crafty Nest salvaged window frame mirror Pinterest photo

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