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Handmade Christmas-themed gifts often double as decorations, so you might want to give these gifts early so they can be properly enjoyed during the holiday season. Or maybe the gift is making some of these together with family or friends. Either way, these crafts get in you in the holiday spirit, and they’re fun to make. Click here for Part 1. On Monday: From the kitchen.

Part 2: Christmas-themed crafts

Felt Christmas stockings

womansday.com | Eric Roth

28. Make a felt Christmas stocking. Stuff it with a bottle of wine, sparkling apple cider, homemade salad dressing, etc. Personalize the stocking to fit the personality of the receiver. You can also make a stocking out of a dish towel.
Stocking template and instructions
Salad dressing recipes

29. Knit a Christmas stocking.
Book: Christmas Stockings: Holiday Treasures to Knit

30. Make holiday-scented potpourri. Mix together cinnamon sticks, dried orange peel, whole cloves, evergreen clippings, and dried lemon peel. Half fill cellophane florists’ bags and tie with ribbon. Yule Simmering Potpourri recipe (scroll down)

Crosstitch ornaments


31. Cross-stitch a holiday ornament. Draw your own design on mini graph paper. Stitch. Frame in a small embroidery loop and add a ribbon for hanging.
Patterns for the ornaments shown
Free easy Christmas cross-stitch patterns

Argyle applique ornament instructions

32. Decorate a small Christmas tree with homemade ornaments, miniature toys, cookies, or potpourri bags for a shut-in friend who can’t take care of decorations this year.
Homemade ornaments and instructions
Beaded snowflake ornaments

Beaded CD Ornaments


33. Make tree ornaments out of old CDs. Glue two CDs back-to-back with a 5-inch loop of ribbon (for hanging) sandwiched in between. Decorate with paint, photos, felt, beads, buttons, faux jewels, ribbons, stickers, etc.
Beaded CD ornament instructions

34. Make snow globes. You’ll need jars, such as olive, jelly, or baby food jars, plus little figurines, clear-drying epoxy, distilled water, tarnish-resistant glitter, glycerin, rubbing alcohol, and oil-based enamel paints.
Snow globe instructions
Snow globe examples and inspiration

Advent Christmas tree

Country Home magazine

35. Make an advent tree. Tie numbered cards and candies on a small potted tree like the one shown from Country Home magazine. Or make one out of craft sticks and paper boxes.
Popsicle stick advent tree
Manzanita advent tree

36. Make origami ornaments. Tie or glue a ribbon at the top for hanging. Place the ornaments in a holiday box or basket.
Paper cranes, boxes, spike balls,
santas, trees, reindeer, bells

37. Here are more 3D paper ornaments. Coordinate the colors to create a set of ornaments to fill a whole tree.
Wreaths, flower balls,snowflakes,quilled snowflakes,
Other paper ornaments, more paper ornaments

Wreath made by Kate Furr


38. Make a wreath out of greenery, jingle bells, ribbon, pine cones, corks, ball ornaments, fabric, felt, flowers, or paper—or all of the above.
Instructions for a greenery wreath
Ribbon wreath

Another ribbon wreath
Recycled cork wreath
Ball ornament wreath
Felt wreath
Jingle bells wreath
Paper wreath
Origami wreath

The list continues on Monday with numbers 39 through 56.