Ugly plastic mirror = DIY bulletin board

Bulletin board mode from an oval mirror frame, photo

One of my friends referred to this as the “ugly mirror.” Another friend said, “Whatever you paid for it, you paid too much.” I get more excited about a project when I hear comments like that because I think, “Just wait till they see what I do with it. Mwahaha!” For the record, I paid $9 for this plastic thrift-store find. I used leftover materials from three previous projects: shuttered bulletin board, spa slippers, and pants-hanger frames. I only had to buy fabric, paint, and ribbon. Now I just need to find a use for a chipped oval mirror. (This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a small commission. You can read my full disclosure here.)

The thrift store plastic mirror, photo

How to make a framed bulletin board

  • large picture frame (check thrift stores and flea markets)

  • homasote board (see my note on homasote here)

  • fabric

  • polyester batting

  • wide grosgrain ribbon

  • drawer pull (I spray-painted a vintage pull from a salvage yard)

  • 1 ½ inch long hanger bolt (8/32 x 5/32 for most drawer pulls)
  • furniture nails or thumbtacks

  • newspaper or drop cloth

  • staple gun and staples

  • scissors

  • screwdriver

  • permanent marker

  • drill and masonry drill bit

Trace the mirror onto homasote board, photo

1. First disassemble the frame or mirror. Using a marker, trace the mirror onto the homasote board.

Cut out the homasote, photo

2. Cut it out using a coping saw. Homasote is basically pressed paper, so it’s easy to cut. It just makes a bit of a mess.

Screw together the corners while clamped, photo

3. Clean the frame free of dust. Cover your work surface and spray on the paint. It will take a few coats from several angles to cover something as ornate as this. Let dry several hours.

Cut out the batting, photo

4. Trace the mirror onto the batting and cut out. Sandwich the batting between the homasote and fabric, lining up the edges.

Staple the fabric, photo

5. Pull the fabric tight and staple once at each of the four “corners.” Then gather and staple the fabric in between. Trim excess fabric.

Reassemble the frame, photo

6. Replace the back piece with screws. (I know that’s a funny looking screwdriver, but it works great. Hand-me-down from my dad.)

Tie on the ribbon, photo

7. Tie one end of the ribbon around a screw on each side.

Use white furniture tacks for thumbtacks, photo

8. For that extra touch, use white furniture tacks instead of thumb tacks. I love how tacks along with houndstooth fabric and puffy batting give it an upholstered look.

Insert hanger bolt in drawer pull, photo
Screw hanger bolt into wall, photo

9. Remove the screw from the drawer pull and replace it with the hanger bolt. Screw it in as tightly as you can. Drill a hole in the wall and screw in your picture hanger. If your pin board is heavy, you’ll need to screw the picture hanger into a stud or use a molly bolt.

10. Hang the ribbon from the picture hanger, and pin up your favorite ephemera.

Crafty Nest ugly plastic mirror cork board Pinterest image

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Cat's bulletin board, photo
Cat's mirror before, photo

Cat made this bulletin board out of an oval mirror. Looks great, Cat!