Starburst mirror

So sorry for the suspense regarding my toolbox dresser project. I haven’t made much progress on it yet. In the meantime, I decided to make a starburst mirror. This project was a cinch because I learned from the mistakes I made on my sunburst mirror. The basic materials for this one: an Ikea plant glide (which I also used for my furniture-nail clock), wooden plant markers, and wooden skewers.

How to make a starburst mirror

Supplies to make starburst mirror


  • Ikea Bjurön plant glide
  • 2 dozen 5-inch wooden plant markers (available at nurseries)
  • 2 dozen 5-3/4-inch wooden plant markers (available at nurseries)
  • 2 dozen wooden skewers (with two flat sides)
  • 7-inch round mirror
  • silver spray paint
  • wood glue
  • wooden tooth pick
  • sawtooth picture hanger
  • Con-Tact paper (color doesn’t matter)
  • newspaper or drop cloth
  • paper towel
  • books that are the same thickness as the plant glide


  • hammer & nail
  • small sponge paint brush
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • pencil & ruler
  • sanding block & fine sand paper
  • tack cloth

Cover with Con-Tact paper

1. Trace the mirror onto the Con-Tact paper. Cut out the circle, peel the backing, and adhere to the front of the mirror. This will protect the mirror from spray paint later.

Glue the mirror in the center

2. Glue the mirror onto the plant glide, making sure it’s centered (about 2-1/4 inches from the edges). Set aside to let the glue dry.

Cut skewers shorter

3. Using the wire cutters, cut about two inches off of the flat end of the skewers, so each skewer is about eight inches long.

Sand the plant markers and skewers

4. Lightly sand the rough edges of all the plant markers and skewers. Wipe off the dust with a tack cloth.

Arrange the pattern of rays

5. Arrange your pattern around the mirror. Use the books to prop up the plant markers and skewers.

Apply glue to each piece

6. Remove a plant marker or skewer one at a time and apply glue to about two inches of the end of it. Spread the glue with a paint brush. Adhere the piece back in place, then move on to the next one. Make sure the starbursts point directly away from the mirror. Pull the books away as you progress.

Remove excess glue

7. After all the plant markers and skewers are glued on, remove any excess glue from between the pieces by scraping with a toothpick.

Glue pieces on the back

8. When the glue is dry, flip the mirror over and arrange your pattern on the back. Evenly space out the skewers then fill in with the plant markers. Apply the glue the same as you did in step 6.

Finish gluing the pieces

9. When all the pieces are glued down, let dry about an hour. Notice my pieces are not perfectly symmetrical with the front. I did this to give the pattern a more random feel.

Attach a sawtooth picture hanger

10. Attach a sawtooth picture hanger on the back of the mirror.

Spray paint the mirror

11. Spray the mirror with several coats of paint to make sure the entire surface is covered. Let dry 15 minutes after each coat.

Peel off Con-Tact paper

12. When the paint is completely dry, peel off the Con-Tact paper.

Hang starburst mirror on the wall

13. Hammer a nail into the wall, and hang the mirror.