Blue & white sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirror - before

What a difference a little color makes! I decided my white sunburst mirror was a little boring. It only looked good from an angle, where the shadows would emphasize the shapes. Straight on, it looked more like a plain white circle. So I grabbed some paint samples and started painting the sun’s rays. I’m happy how it turned out, but I think black would have looked good too. I really wanted to add some teardrop-shaped gems for a hint of bling, but couldn’t find any.

How to make a sunburst mirror

Ikea lazy susan
7-inch round mirror
wood glue
teardrop shaped Woodsies
picture hanger and two small nails
paint samples (I used white and Benjamin Moore Figi [AF-525])

small and medium paintbrush
fine sandpaper
tack cloth
drop cloth

1. Click here for the instructions to make the mirror.

Paint the sun's rays

2. Using a small paintbrush (I used a filbert), paint the top side of each teardrop. I started with a color palette of aquas and blues but decided to stick with just one color. The colors in this photo are Benjamin Moore Fiji (AF-525), Cool Aqua (2056-40), and Bermuda Teal (2044-50).